Executive Coaching Case Study - Coaching a Would-Be NASA Astronaut

Didi is an American coaching client of mine, with whom I have been working with for the past 6 months. She was referred to me by another client.

Didi is a 38-year-old Lieutenant Colonel in the US Air Force. At our initial consultation she gave me a detailed account of her background, career and aspirations. With such a high flier it is difficult to put into just a few lines her achievements to date. To give you an idea of her talents; she has attended weapon school, she has worked for NASA and she has flown jets for a private company.

She juggles a lifestyle full of her work commitments, her passion for flying and kayaking, and family life. As one might expect, it is not all smooth sailing. At times stress rears its head - work/life balance can be difficult to maintain, and in the work place her skills as a leader can be put to the test. Read full article [PDF]