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Dorothy Tande

London & M25

Telephone: 07961 335906
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I am a highly skilled executive coach who enjoys working with individuals at all levels of organisations and from all backgrounds, professions and sectors. I have a deep interest in development of individuals in the workplace and how they embrace their uniqueness, strengths and potential to achieve their goals. I coach in personal development and wellbeing, career and leadership development. This is enhanced by wealth of experience in human resource development/OD for more than 25 years up to director level in the NHS (Chartered Fellow CIPD). Started in the retail sector. Background also includes commissioning in NHS organisations, working with boards and CEOs.

My typical clients include:

o Team leaders and managers at the frontline of service delivery and those leading complex

change programmes and projects.

o Rising stars at all levels of organisations and sectors aspiring to progress their careers and

maybe facing challenges.

o Those returning to work after a career break.

o Those from ethnic minorities backgrounds.

Central to my coaching is positive psychology and its strengths-base/what you do best/what energises you. As one of my favourite quotes from the tennis champion Roger Federer goes, �if you are good at something, make it everything'. I work with what you value, resilience in dealing with pressures and challenges at work, and how well you understand and manage your emotions and others' as a leader.

I coach and mentor in the NHS, health and social care charities and retail sector predominantly. I also coach widely in the private sector for example, have coached for Costa Coffee, the transport sector, publishing and finance.

If you choose to work with me, you will get a coach who is interested in you as a unique individual, somebody who will help you to better appreciate your own value, strengths and attributes that you have to offer in the workplace. I will help you work out how best to use these to better manage yourself, your well-being, happiness and development at work. I am a person who is genuine, non-judgemental, approachable, collaborative, friendly and above all, somebody who will listen to you fully and help you figure out what will work best for you in how to achieve your goals. If you are job hunting, I will also help you to strengthen and better articulate your skills. My energy and motivation comes from a deep interest in seeing people build their self-awareness, confidence and self-belief to achieve their goals.

Please do feel free to contact me for a free half hour chat on what I can offer you!


Areas covered by coaching and mentoring skills

Skills - Personal development

 Life coaching
 Balancing home and career
 Career planning/change
 Communication and interpersonal skills
 Organisation/self management
 Motivation and mindset

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Skills - Health


Skills - Personal relationships


Skills - Spiritual development


Skills - Creativity


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 Charitable and Voluntary
 Finance and Banking
 Government - Local
 Health and Medical
 Publishing and Media
 Social services
 Training and development

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