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Kieran Duignan


Telephone: 020 8654 0808
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Coaching Psychology

I provide coaching either as part of organisational development or on a free-standing basis. The agenda is negotiated to suit individual needs and timescales. Ways of working include telephone meetings and email

I have coached thousands of men and women about career, executive and business development. They have come from very diverse walks in life and benefited in a variety of ways.

Doing new things, or familiar things differently

The heart of coaching lies in stimulating the person to view and examine their behaviour in relation to their own intentions. And in enabling them to make fine grain distinctions with sufficient understanding that they find ways to direct themselves courageously in the face of challenges and setbacks.

I act as a partner for clients to change their behaviour. They achieve this through

1. commitment to personal excellence,

2. competency profiling,

3. guided self-assessment, and

4. self-observation.

Quality, reliable feedback

My approach to coaching emphasises self-observation. But psychometrics also offer a powerful form of feedback and can operate as a catalyst for development through benchmarking. Feedback concentrates on meaningful observations, through the CRIMSON method: Constructive, Relevant, Informative, Manageable, Specific, Open and Non-judgmental.

I offer carefully-chosen, well-validated tools to help clients to appreciate their strengths, current boundaries and, where appropriate, and areas of potential fulfilment.

I am licensed to use a host of instruments including the MBTI, FIRO, OPQ , HBDI, TMI and Relationship Q As I am independent of the publishers, I select those that best fit the needs or particular individuals and their organisations.

Areas covered by coaching and mentoring skills

Skills - Career development and transition

 Individual career assessment
 Individual career development or change
 Starting own business
 Managing redundancy
 Returning to work
 Preparing for retirement

Skills - Organisation change and development

 Design/implement internal coaching/mentoring programme
 Business growth/expansion
 Strategy development
 Design/support organisational change initiatives
 Support organisational restructuring

Skills - Implementation of a specific type of organisation wide programme


Skills - The transfer or development of specific skills

 Change management
 Conflict management
 Creativity & innovation
 Diversity & equality
 Health & Safety
 Human resources management
 Influencing skills
 Interpersonal communication
 Interviewing skills
 Management and leadership
 Managing pressure/stress
 Managing relationships
 Organisation power and politics
 Performance management
 Strategic management of IT
 Team development

Skills - Cultural exchange - transfer of skills to another country/culture



 Charitable and Voluntary
 Finance and Banking
 Government Agencies
 Health and Medical
 Hotel and Catering
 Religious Organisation
 Social services
 Training and development

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