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Claudia Herbert

West Midlands

Telephone: 01993 779994
E-Mail Address:

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Areas that I can help with

  • Managing stress, uncertainty and change
  • Enhancing leadership style and skills
  • Improving performance potential and effectiveness
  • Resolving conflict and establishing better functioning relationships
  • Coping with critical or traumatic incidences at work

Who do I work with?

  • Individual managers, mainly in Senior or Middle Management levels
  • Teams, at Senior or Executive levels
  • Consultation to HR Directors

How do I work?

My work is intensive, highly skilled and involves lasting change at a deep level.

I am dedicated to bringing psychological approaches into business, to help people achieve better performance, greater fulfilment and professional as well as personal growth.

In my business work I draw on my skills as a Cognitive Therapist. I am aware that most

people, do not maximise their full potential in life and work. This not only leads to an

overall sense of dissatisfaction and unhappiness but can cause both mental and physical


This lack in fulfilment of potential is often due to assumptions that people hold about

themselves that are unhelpful and hinder them from achieving more.

My work involves helping people identify these unhelpful assumptions and the subsequent

limits that they may be imposing on themselves in their working and personal life. This then

enables the design of individually tailored change programmes that my client and I would

then be working on.

I work initially on a face-to-face level, but at later stages in the programme, telephone

consultations are possible, if preferred.

What training and tools do I bring?

  • I am a Chartered Clinical Psychologist.
  • I am a UKCP Registered Cognitive Behavioural Therapist.
  • I am an EMDR trained Practitioner.
  • I have extensive experience of using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, the Belbin and many

    other personal assessment tools.

  • I am fluently bilingual in both English and German, enabling me to work for companies with activities in both countries.
  • My Background:

    I am a Chartered Consultant Clinical Psychologist, with over 8 years' experience. I have a quick understanding of processes and an outstanding ability to feel myself into situations and people, which enables me to design individually tailored programmes that are relevant and highly effective.

    I have worked, predominantly at senior management level, with leading companies in a wide variety of markets, such as Financial Services and Banking, Insurance Companies and Manufacturing in the South and Middle England.

    One of my specialist areas is dealing with critical incidents, stress and trauma. My books in this area have been published world-wide and I have spoken on the Radio, T.V. and to Newspapers about issues relating to this. I am also involved in legal work in this area and have held workshops and advised companies about critical incident management interventions.

    Areas covered by coaching and mentoring skills

    Skills - Career development and transition

     Individual career assessment
     Individual career development or change

    Skills - Organisation change and development


    Skills - Implementation of a specific type of organisation wide programme


    Skills - The transfer or development of specific skills

     Interpersonal communication
     Management and leadership
     Managing pressure/stress
     Negotiation skills
     Organisation power and politics
     Performance management

    Skills - Cultural exchange - transfer of skills to another country/culture

     Across Europe


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