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Julie Hay

South East

Telephone: 01992 550246
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I have been working as a coach and counsellor since 1975, when I was a management and interpersonal skills trainer in a large organisation (60000 employees) and began to help participants increase their psychological intelligence when they approached me individually with concerns about their relationships, in work and at home. At the same time, I began training in transactional analysis, becoming a Certified Transactional Analyst and then going on to become a Teaching & Supervising Transactional Analyst, which means I now train others to attain their own qualifications. I specialised in applying psychotherapy theories to organisational and educational applications. After that, I next studied neurolinguistic programming and become an internationally-licensed trainer in that. More recently, I have trained as a psychotherapist, again using transactional analysis as the main approach but also completing a somatic trauma therapy training. More recently, I have been a volunteer forensic psychotherapist in high security male prisons, developing an approach called challenge psychotherapy.

My approach is about helping clients to increase their self-awareness and understanding of the dynamics of relationships and how the survival strategies we adopted in childhood are no longer appropriate means that we can make changes instead of repeating the same old patterns.

If you wish, you can read some of my ideas as I publish books, articles and recordings. Some are TA based, including a workbook and recording of the international TA 101 introductory course, plus there is an NLP manual and recording of a practitioner course. These and other books are at or amazon. There are also various free downloads of articles I've written at I am a Chartered Fellow CIPD, Chartered Manager CMI, and professor and Academic Dean of an MSc programme on transactional analysis that I have initiated in several countries. See for information about these aspects of my work. I have an MPhil for research into leadership characteristics.

By way of background information, I have over 40 years experience of working with organisations, as 'ordinary' employee, safety rep and union rep, supervisor, manager, trainer, coach and then external consultant. So I understand about organisational cultures and the impact on people. I have worked in many sectors, public and private; I have also designed and implemented mentoring schemes including those addressing diversity issues as well as for talent management. I project manage a scheme for teaching TA to children in schools around the world. I am also the Editor of the international TA research journal.

I work internationally and do a lot of coaching, therapy and supervision via skype or other online methods.

I believe that no-one should be denied development due to financial reasons so my fees for individual clients are adjusted to line up with the fees the client receives for their own work. I charge corporate clients more as a way of redistributing the wealth (like Robin Hood!)

Areas covered by coaching and mentoring skills

Skills - Career development and transition

 Become a coach/mentor

Skills - Organisation change and development

 Design/implement internal coaching/mentoring programme
 Design/support organisational change initiatives
 Support organisational restructuring

Skills - Implementation of a specific type of organisation wide programme


Skills - The transfer or development of specific skills

 Change management
 Conflict management
 Influencing skills
 Interpersonal communication
 Management and leadership
 Managing pressure/stress
 Managing relationships
 Personal impact
 Team development

Skills - Cultural exchange - transfer of skills to another country/culture



 Training and development

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